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Agent Quanta is a mobile app that in 1 minute sends your current auto/home policy information to agents in your area anonymously and any clarification can be communicated right on the app for free.

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Agent Quanta is evolving the insurance market. We are now able to connect clients to agents seamlessly. This makes insurance a transparent hassle free experience for clients and an effective day at the office for agents.


What We Do

Maximize Time Efficiency

Follow three easy steps once and all the agents in your area will provide a quote mirroring your current coverage. Tell one agent something, and all the agents can see the update too. Answer questions for one agent and the rest will not have to ask you again. It's just what makes sense.

Offer Hassle Free Comparison

Agents in your area will provide you an accurate quote without giving out your contact information. When you are ready choose the agent you want to work with and set-up a phone appointment to go over everything before moving forward. There is no obligation any step of the way.

Provide Easy Communication

Easily speak to the agents via an instant message on your own time.  All the agents are involved in the conversations so it's like having your own team of experts reviewing your policy and providing the most accurate quotes. Better understanding of the situation equals proper coverage.


You can be a client or you can be an agent and still be able to take advantage of it!
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Simplicity at its Best

3 Simple steps that can be done from anywhere using the app. Move forward on your own terms and with who you choose to work with only. No Harassing follow-ups since the agents can only contact you via messages until you ready to set-up a phone appointment.

Time is Money

Get a screen shot of the client’s current coverage and payment to offer an accurate and competitive quote. Spend time only speaking to customers that are interested in your price and coverages compared to all the other agents.

Easy Expert Advise

Get a team of licensed insurance experts to review your policy for free and advise you best. Use messages to easily communicate with agents quickly and on your terms. Insurance should have moved in this direction since the beginning of time.

Hitting New Goals

Your time producing is not limited to your time in the office. Access a huge database of clients that are ready to stop overpaying for insurance from anywhere. Everything can be done using the app so your pocket is always full of opportunities.

Free All Around

Completely free for you! Insurance companies want agents to be involved. No personal contact information is released until you choose who and when. You also are free of obligation since it is an anonymous insurance review.

Setting New Benchmarks

Easily communicate via messages with clients. Never bother following-up with clients you ran a quote and never bought; It's our job to find out why. Also no commitment or minimum, you're as active as you want to be to the community.

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No longer is there the need of calling multiple insurance companies and taking 15 mins to get a quote from each. Nor falling into the trap of over paying for insurance because of the lack of time to compare options. In literally 1 minute all the local agents will shop the companies they represent and give you their best price. The client just has to pick who they want to work with and set-up a phone appointment to finalize.
With just 1 minute of the clients time agents will be provided policy limits, deductibles, accidents in the last 5 years, claims in the last 5 years, current insurance company, amount paying now, etc. Everything except contact information since the clients rather not be bothered. Of course, agents can always send the client a message to clear anything up. The conversation is available to all the agents working for the client.
When a client requests a review of their policy all the agents in the area receive a notification of the request for help. The agents then have access to all the information needed to run an accurate quote and offer a competitive rate mirroring the current coverage. The client then makes a decision from all the offers based on price, agent rating and set-up a phone appointment to make the new policy effective.
Nope! As a client you can take one minute of your day, download the app, follow the three steps to savings and all the information you want will be available. You can even go as far as setting-up a phone appointment to speak with a licensed agent about it all and still have no commitment. Best part is there is no harassing follow-up calls. Agents do not have your contact information until you decide to provide it. The ball’s in your court every step of the way.
Nope! Agents can only see each others messages so the client is not bothered with the same question multiple times. Once the client picks the agent they prefer to work with then message are private between them only. Offers are never revealed to the competing agents. Only the client gets the pricing information for comparison with current policy and other agents in the market. We’re on your side!
All the agents have to provide two forms of ID. A short registration form is available right on the app. Asset Protection Enterprise only asks agents to be in compliance with the laws in the state they write business in. An active and valid insurance license will be required to give professional advise to clients and log-in as an agent. Also, all the agent’s information will be released to the client prior to doing business for their review and peace of mind.

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